Natural Solutions To Ease Insomnia

Sleeplessness or insomnia is a widespread symptoms characterized by inadequate sleep and/or decreased sleep quality. There are four kinds of sleeplessness: sleep onset insomnia, frequent or sustained awakenings, sleep offset insomnia, and persistent sleepiness. Interruption of night-time sleep pattern may be temporary if it last less than one month, or chronic if continues for more than one month. Although elderly are in particular affected, insomnia affects all age groups.

Find out the exact cause of your insomnia. You can only apply the appropriate treatment if you find out the true cause of your sleeplessness. Analyze yourself if you have been feeling depressed lately, or if you are experiencing a lot of stress. If you are currently taking medications, find out if sleeplessness is one of the side effects. Assess your sleep environment if it is conducive to sleep or not. If you have other health problems, check to see if it can cause sleeplessness. Check to see if you have a regular sleep schedule, or you’re constantly changing your sleep routine. Lack of exposure to daylight can also ruin your biological rhythm and your sleep patterns.
Treatment of insomnia, sleeplessness

1. Take your dinner at least 4 hours ahead of your bed time. Insomnia is often worsened by digestive issues, and hence, it’s best to circumvent the problem altogether.

2. Avoid drink such as coffee, alcohol, and tea that influences sleep. If you must have your usual cup of coffee, at least ensure you take it before a minimum of four hours from your bedtime.

3. Frequent exercising provides help in easing stress, depression, anxiety and sleeplessness. Even a walk for about half an hour daily is also good. Try and continuously increase it to an hour or so for most satisfactory results.

4. If you notice that you can’t sleep, do something you enjoy ( reading, listing to music, writing letters to dear ones, etc ) aiming to relax your body and mind. Sleep sometimes comes after your body relaxes absolutely.

5. Self-help and natural cures also help in treating insomnia. Improve sleep habits and environment. Practice anxiety control and relaxation techniques. Acupuncture and massage, cognitive behaviour therapy, herbal cures and homeopathic remedies are also helpful in treating this disorder.

6. Aromatherapy is another helpful natural cure for sleeplessness. Taking a bath before retiring to bed using a few drops of essential oils like lavender, marjoram, or ylang-ylang can be helpful. Or you can drop these oils immediately on your pillow.

7. Diet containing magnesium can help to improve sleep in those subjected to sleeplessness. Therefore include magnesium rich foods in your diet.

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